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Discover our wines, discover our land

Wine is a beautiful experience, the best expression of the territory, you can feel the scents of the flowers, plants and fruits that surround the vineyards, you can recognize the characteristics of the soil, it can bring to mind the most beautiful memories of a trip.


La Mirandola Winery is located on the slopes of the Chianti hills, in the middle of the renowned production area of Chianti Classico. Discover more about Chianti Classico and the legend behind it.


La Mirandola


The passion for tradition, the story of a family


The history of the company begins in 2000, when Lorenzo Scala takes over "La Mirandola" from his grandfather.

The synergy between tradition and innovation, the attentive care of the grapes from the vineyard to the cellar and the winemaking process, give life to high quality products.


Nelle botti piccole

In small barrels is the best wine


The modest size of the company, the  small tanks in the cellar, and the attentive care of the vineyard, allow us to select the best grapes for the production of incredible wines.

We firmly believe that quality is possible through the close relationship that connects us to our vines and our wine.




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