La Mirandola, history of men and wine

The love for the farm began in 1970 when grandfather Alfredo purchased a country house with a few hectares of vineyard.

The connection to the land and the taste of good wine, initially produced for the family consumption, was passed down to his smallest grandson, Lorenzo.

In the year 2000, after the grandfather's death, the ambition and the challenge of producing a quality wine brought to life what is today, La Mirandola winery.


From the 70s till this day ...

The winery La Mirandola therefore remains, like in the past, family-run, managed by Lorenzo Scala, who has chosen to follow the path taken by his grandfather: to produce an ever greater wine.
Over the years La Mirandola winery has been expanded and improved, but never abandoning the teachings of grandfather Alfredo.

Finally, a fundamental step was to take advantage of the expert help of our current winemaker, Luano Bensi, who oversees the cellar operations: from the grape harvest to the constantly controlled vinification, up to the aging in wood (Barriques and Tonneaux).

Lorenzo Scala is the responsible for taking care of the vineyards, handling all the work on the ground, from pruning to the harvest. In the most important moments, he is helped by family members.

The winery's goal is to obtain the best of what the land and the vintage can offer, focusing especially on the Chianti Classico, which is produced through the use of autochthonous vines (Sangiovese and Colorino) after a brief aging in barrels of 500 L (Tonneaux), to treasure the noble tannins of the grape in the wine.

The result is a particular and characteristic wine from the land of Chianti.